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We are associated with our multiple limbs with different services.

We are a group of multiple companies like fintech, IT and finance, and we intend to deliver quality products and quick financial services. Apart from these, our fintech setup services have been functioning for all those aspirants requiring multiple steps in the new startup, like hiring a fintech specialist to get IT and digital marketing support for the company's betterment. We started with a small team, and over time, with broad experience, we established a number of fintech and other digital marketing sections in companies. Now, it’s your time to move and get associated with us for your business's inception and growth.

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It’s an IT company and especially for digital marketing. It provides various services to enrich lead generation, CRM software, SCO, etc. NBB has been functioning for the last year and has provided its services to new and existing start-ups. Its primary function is to support digital marketing services where the new brand can make its reputation and establish itself as a reliable product. In the current scenario, maximum customer reach and engagement is the best way to enhance the brands' or products' productivity and reliability. NextBigBox is functioning with the best effort, and the team of experts accomplishes all the responsibilities appropriately.


It is the most reliable and best-performing wing of our company. EverydayLoanIndia is a fintech-based company that works for digital lending. It has been operational for many years and growing exponentially with customer satisfaction-based services. The complete working mechanism of this lending company is based on fintech technology—a team of expert work there from generating leads to the accomplishment of the lending process. Instant services from the team ensure the growth of the company.

Bharat Fincare

Bharat Fincare is a fintech company and an invariable part of our organisation. It has established itself as a leading fintech company, and in a few years, it flourished in a prominent city in India by providing instant financial support.

Loan for Her

An initiative to enrich and provoke women’s empowerment, Loan for Her is also functioning as a digital lending company. It works on fintech technology, and the complete process is digitally accomplished. With a team of experts, it performs well in the lending process. All the functions are like EverydayLoanIndia, where the relationship manager receives the fresh lead and is approved by the Credit manager after all the verification.


It’s an initiative for the organic revolution. Organic farming is becoming the best opportunity for investment and a better way to generate employment. There is a serious issue regarding global warming, climate change, unexpected rain, and drought. All these problems are mutually related to the lack of a green revolution, and organic farming can solve these problems and maintain biodiversity and the ecosystem. It is an initiative to support our farmers and ensure maximum customer reach. The maximum number of customers will certainly enrich the demand, and the income will increase in a similar ratio. So, the Gramin is dedicated to improving farmers’ pay so they can pursue their lives with peace and prosperity.